Morning by Morning (4/5/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Gathering with Pepperdine alumni and remembering SoCal, school, Malibu, and study abroad! I really love the alumni gatherings, small or large!
  2. Watching Ryan play in the sandbox last evening. So relaxing and such quality time with him!
  3. Erin Krasowski. She is just plain wonderful in that she is so broadly skilled as a chaplain, fully giving to the moment she is in and the person she is with, genuine, humorous, and courageous in dark places. It has been a blessing to serve on PCN with her and have her as a friend.
  4. Slowing myself when anxiety comes. This is a skill I often practice at the hospital but one that for years has been something I’ve used for many of life’s issues. The slowing of mind and breathing is a gift of trust which is not easy but sustaining.
  1. Reba’s last chemo today. It has been hard at times for her but she has done well overall. Hoping for continued health for her!
  2. The blessing of connecting with lots of pediatric chaplains across the country because of serving as PCN Secretary. Last night I got to connect with some chaplains in California and Missouri…cool.