Morning by Morning (4/4/19)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryan’s smile, which always bring me joy.
  2. The unexpected playtime and fun we got to have with Liz last night because I was able to get Ryan a bit earlier. We had a great time, and it pointed to all the great time to come in the future.
  3. The random and fun hangouts I get with Stephen Lucas. We always have a ton of fun together!
  4. The wonderful man whose funeral I led yesterday. It was an honor and privilege to hear about his character, his faith, and his humor, and to facilitate the honoring him and his family.
  5. My joy in having Paul and Maria Bryant as my in law parents. They are so good to me.
  6. The productive morning I had. The ability to cross things off the task list and feel good about a day halfway through is quite nice.
  7. Liz’s passion as an educator.