Morning by Morning

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The wonderful sunshine of the last two days!
  2. Showing Ryan I am proud of him and his small progresses, whether in school or going to the bathroom or his play.
  3. The many nurses and physicians with whom I have shared engagement celebration. They have been such an amazing encouraging and validation of the joy I feel!
  4. Ryan’s 3 teachers at Grace that has helped him to become more comfortable and confident with letters and numbers and concepts. Thank you Ms Julie, Ms Clementine, and Ms Cynthia!
  5. The Peppa Pig, Pete the Cat, and Mighty Mighty Construction Site books that Ryan has been wanting to read and get excited about.
  6. The fun of imagining me and my family in a house with space that is ours.
  7. The sliders Liz made last night. They were delicious!!!