Morning by Morning (8/16/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Cooking dinner with Liz last night and having fun creating a simple meal. She is quite fun and makes hanging out relaxing.
  2. The OR staff at the hospital who have a giant heart and do phenomenal skilled work with the children that come to them.
  3. Watching Justin Verlander in person on Monday! He is an amazing pitcher and seeing his pitches move in person is crazy.
  4. Bailey’s laidback-ness, which is a perfect personality for my dog.
  5. Seeing my brother Josh, his wife Jacqui, and the three kids, Will, Elijah, and Hayley Mae this weekend. Ryan is going to love it!!!
  6. The comraderie of my colleagues at Texas Childrens.
  7. The power and meaning of compliments of the care I provide staff. Means so much.

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