Morning by Morning (8/13/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The freefall of skydiving- so amazing and beyond anything I imagined!
  2. Shailendra Das, a physician and friend who is so gifted in so many ways, is both an advocate and a listener, and has a heart of gold for all those he is around and serves. Happy birthday Das!
  3. Kyle Fry, a great friend and a gifted musician and camp leader. I love his humor and love seeing him parent too. Happy birthday Kyle!
  4. That feeling of not wanting to go back to work on a Monday morning. The feeling itself is not awesome, but it usually tells me I had a great weekend and I am grateful to have a case of Monday’s for the cost of having had a good time before.
  5. Spending church service with Ryan in the nursery yesterday. I loved getting to play with him, make him laugh, sing a little to him, and play some make believe. I am missing my little man and that is what the doctor ordered.
  6. Taking my first strums on a guitar last night as I try to learn to play a little bit. (Another bucket list item and self growth sort of thing as I walk forward in my new life)

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