Morning by Morning (5/22/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The amazing work of PICU and PCU staff in helping move patients and families into the new Legacy Tower. The planning, the execution, the exhausted follow up to cover little details- it was all a privilege to see! I love these units and these people I get to work with!!!!
  2. The gift of having therapy dogs at work. Elsa, Bailey, Pinto, three of the most awesome presences ever!
  3. Petting a dog. Like whenever.
  4. The PCN Advisory Council and their love and support and leadership.
  5. The PCN Conference that is happening this week. It is always an event to be at and a gift for those who can go.
  6. Laughter with nurses.
  7. Feeling proud of what I do as a chaplain.
  8. Sand volleyball!! It’s one of my favorite sports!