Morning by Morning (5/8/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Continued celebration for all of our nurses, and today I am grateful for all the nurses who have loved on my favorite kids in the TCH Cancer Center.
  2. Stephanie Glass, a PICU RN who is so sweet and gentle in her care. She is so beloved by the families she cares for.
  3. Dawn, another PICU RN who is a leader at heart, wise and thoughtful in her care, and hilarious as well. I really appreciate her.
  4. All the sunshine in my office.
  5. My chaplain resident time with Russell Almon and learning from his thoughtful silence and perceptiveness. Happy birthday Russell!
  6. Ice cream cake.
  7. Mindfulness, and it’s use in connecting me with Gods presence when I am most frustrated and angry about the divorce and Elana (and please don’t be judgy about my comment- if you’ve been divorced it’s nearly impossible not to be feel those things even in positive circumstances!).
  8. Ryan’s play!