Morning by Morning (5/1/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Watching a PICU nurse, who is gifted in medical chaos and crisis and complexity, sit next to a bedside of a grieving family and provide beautiful, loving, gentle listening to a mothers stories about her baby. Today, LeAnn did that for a family and it was special to see her reflect such fabulous deep compassion. It was a privilege to serve with her today.
  2. The day of BMT for one of my favorite kids in my entire career and the hopefulness for his family.
  3. Ryan’s increasing talking skill, which I attribute to his new daycare and the good work they do. It’s so awesome to hear him wondering, imagining, playing, and verbalizing so much of it now.
  4. God’s grace with me when I am impatient with Ryan and learning to manage my anger/emotions more effectively as I parent Ryan. Ryan is more than wonderful, and it is a reflection of Gods kindness to me.
  5. “It’s beautiful.” Ryan says it all the time now and it’s true- about the flowers in the flower beds around the apartment, the weather, the lake out front, the sun, grass, the morning, etc. Ryan names it as it is, and it is all beautiful.
  6. Sitting across from Ryan and smiling back and forth with each other.