Morning by Morning (4/24/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Hearing laughter from our ICU nurses. There’s something about the strength that is reflected when they laugh.
  2. Swimming with Ryan yesterday- he loves splashing and on top of that, he gets his imagination going and I just smile with gratefulness to see it all.
  3. The hug of Ryan whenever he is upset about something. Whenever he’s in trouble, he will get his time out or my angry voice, but I always try to hug him as part of the transition to doing better and that is immensely meaningful to me and I think for him too. I get to validate his tears and reframe what just happened and it’s good.
  4. Watching the 50 point quarter from the Rockets last night. As a sports fan, seeing a 50 point quarter and great offense is spectacular.

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