Morning by Morning (2/28/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Visits with a counselor, which was helpful to not just get a grasp of the present but to get a grasp of the past years. I appreciated my first time with my counselor and the good relationship we started.
  2. The chance to participate in an Ethics committee consult and see how ethical principles are laid out practically and how to theoretically think about best interest and quality of life in a child.
  3. The snuggle time I have with Ryan.
  4. Good lungs that give me breath.
  5. Nurses who remember me as I travel around the hospital and say a friendly hello.
  6. Jessica Shannon and her energy! Happy birthday to a wonderful pediatric chaplain!
  7. Positive and prophetic conversation about race and ethnicity, and Jerry Taylor’s strong role in forming my sight and thought. I am so grateful for Jerry’s influence and pastoral care to me.