Morning by Morning (2/16/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. When friends stop and pray with me. It means so much to hear the prayers spoken on behalf of me, my family, Ryan, and my work.
  2. The profound connection of friendship that is so easily rekindled when friends meet after time away. Here’s to you Cambry and Adam!
  3. Fathers Office, a restaurant in Santa Monica that you need to try when you are in. Great burger!
  4. The way my church and community and support system can carry my emotions while I try to acknowledge them and move forward. We as a body of Christ are charged with carrying joy for those who can’t at the moment, carrying grief when others feel weighted by it, carrying anger when someone can’t fully express it, and holding brokenness when others feel overwhelmed by it. So even when I can’t fully touch how I feel, my church and friends carry it for and with me.