Morning by Morning (2/15/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The chance to see Cambry today and spend some quality time with him.
  2. The incredible and enduring support of the PICU staff and the physicians I know around the hospital. I keep getting messages of encouragement and pick me ups!
  3. Laughing with family! Especially about each other and making light of our own humanity.
  4. Having all the details of the new apartment squared away already so I have three weeks to think about the furniture and arranging the move. It’s been nice to see what I can do when I need to be in charge.
  5. Potty training Ryan with my parents- they are more than committed when Ryan is only mildly so!
  6. Seeing Ryan talk to himself as he plays on his own.
  7. The mild and beautiful weather in SoCal that has allowed to walk and reflect and walk more.