Morning by Morning (1/16/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Hanging with M today. He is like many kids in the Cancer Center: overflowing with joy. He is just so playful and I always look forward to his excited “Guess What” questions and his love of everything that follows those questions. I love playing with him and appreciate every visit I get to make.
  2. The Band of Brothers HBO series. While not a violent guy, I love the storytelling and the many elements of humanity it brings out.
  3. Laughing with Elana on the couch tonight after a long day.
  4. Playing Nerf wars with the boys tonight and watching Aidens joy and Ryan’s playfulness in his not so quiet sneaking up, army crawling, and running around the living room.
  5. Daniel Hougey, a young man that I truly appreciate from our time in Bible Bowl and at Pepperdine. I love his humor and his wit and miss them so much!