Morning by Morning (1/9/18)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Elana, whose passion and confidence are really reflective of the protector in her. She’s a good good wife in that way and I am often not helpful in letting her protect, but her guardians heart is big and always seeking to help.
  2. Adam Jacobs, one of my good California friends and fellow new(ish) father! Today he celebrates a birthday, and I always marvel at how he has learned to be a damn good home DIYer and remodeler as well as deep cherishing of his new little girl.
  3. In N Out. I love it and it is one of my fav fast food burgers, especially as a taste of childhood!
  4. Having a warm bed and shelter to sleep in at night. I have much to be grateful for and this is something I too often take for granted, especially on chilly nights.