Morning by Morning (8/25/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The surprise birthday party that Elana threw for me last night!!!! It was awesome to have everyone greet me as I opened the door and hear the singing of happy birthday and receive the awesome gifts and feel the humbling love of everyone around me.  What an awesome blessing!!!
  2. The way the staff in the PICU cope with everything that comes their way with flexibility, strength, hilarity, and big hearts for little kids.  I’m glad that if I have to come to the hospital this weekend, I will be enduring a storm alongside them.
  3. The disc golf bag I received from Elana- i feel like school kid with a new back pack!
  4. The opportunities I get to celebrate Ryan’s growth and development, and not missing them by things feeling life is going too fast.  “Good job Ryan” is a great phrase to share and I love his feeling of joy when he hears his father and mother be proud of him.

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