Morning by Morning (8/19/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. PCN friends, like Lavender Kelley, Lindsey Bona, Dan Roberts, Gloria Kroeze, Bob Flory, Mark Brown, etc.  The list is quite long as full of people I am grateful to learn from as we serve and share experiences together.
  2. Getting a haircut…while my scared son melts down in my lap! Oddly enough, it was a reminder of how he thinks of me as safe- he leaned in, burrowed, dug in, all in finding comfort in his daddy.  Though the haircut was stressful, it was a gracious reminder!
  3. Soccer- all forms of it.  I am more and more fascinated and captivated by the skill and nuances of the game, especially as I am going to more Dynamo games.
  4. Living in Houston…what a great place to live!!!
  5. Facetiming my mom and dad and letting them see Ryan!

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