Morning by Morning (6/27/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The Rehab unit at the hospital and all the fantastic work they do helping patients recover their best possible physical selves, and in doing so, enabling hope.  It’s really fun to talk with the families about the long therapy days and see their hope be so strong because of what is being done.
  2. Having two calm dogs at home who are so well behaved with Ryan and other kids. (We are fostering a new dog who is a puppy and still learning!)
  3. Our hospital CEO who has made his statement standing up for the kids and women we serve and their need for insurance, even saying that the House and Senate versions of the AHCA should not pass because they take away needed insurance for the poorest and most vulnerable.  I appreciate that a person in his position is willing to make a powerful statement for these kids and women.  I love that our CEO, our hospital, is willing to seek justice, even in this simple way (although we can still go further in this pursuit).
  4. A nice morning after the immense rains last night and this weekend too.