Morning by Morning (5/31/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Watching my jubilant son jump off the couch onto pillows with high energy.  So full of life!
  2. Amanda Vargas, an RN who led the care of the patient and family during a very difficult and challenging death yesterday.  I was particularly moved as she shared about how fulfilling it is to be there for those families and then to connect that with the gentle and loving way she cared for the family.  I think the world of Amanda and her energizing compassion.
  3. MR, a teenage girl that I had a great opportunity to connect with in our hospital last fall and then she moved on to another hospital closer to home.  I always marvelled at her faith, her desire to pray, her laughter, and her positivity that was grounded in her faith in Christ. M died a couple weeks ago and her memorial is today in DFW.
  4. Honey sriracha brussels sprouts.  Yeah, I know BJ’s serves this but I made them on my own yesterday and loved it!

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