Morning by Morning (5/16/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. A wonderful time with the Neurology Fellows yesterday. They are a very good group of people who care so much about their profession and yet are still a ways from reaching their journey as attending doctors. They also are very open to learning better ways of interacting with the families.  But they’ve been quite a blessing and encouragement to work with in the PICU.
  2. Ryan’s first play date, who came over to just play with him! (and not with her brother who would play with Aiden)
  3. Don and Karen Hegi.  Jeremy is a great friend, and his parents were always so kind to me.  They were welcoming, encouraging, supportive, taught me to competitively play croquet, and introduced me to my backyard fireworks display.  But their faith was even more stunning in its honesty and pursuit of good.  I’m so happy for them to be grandparents and for Jeremy to be a dad!!

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