Morning by Morning (5/9/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The church that welcomes Elana and I as preachers and proclaimers of the Word.  It is a privilege that is unbelievably humbling to me because of the sacred role of interpreting Scripture and making a claim about what I know about God, and yet the whole time knowing that I have only one understanding of faith in God. Thanks to Southwest Central for supporting us in that.
  2. Ryan’s love of throwing discs (from disc golf) with me in the front or back yard.  What a great daddy son activity!
  3. Sleep.  I have never been so exhausted and tired than the stretch of weeks I have been on, and I’m not quite sure why sleep has been hard.  But I am so grateful for the deep sleeps when they come.
  4. Family camping trips- my Cali family went on one big trip this past weekend and while I wasn’t there I think they are fun and give us the stories that make us laugh and smile.  

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