Easter At Corpus!

Summing up our Easter at Corpus Christi…well, it was a great weekend.  With a great couple, time at the beach and pool with Aiden and Ryan, and time with my amazingly beautiful and hot wife.  My top 10 moments in no particular order:

  1. Easter sunrise at the beach!
  2. Ryan acting like a sea gull and trying to beat the birds to his literally beached fruit loops!
  3. Family and friends at Easter in Corpus Christi!
  4. A great mahi mahi dinner at Snoopys Pier food shack in Corpus.  Good food, even better view!
  5. The dolphin show at the Texas State Aquarium that fully drenched Ryan and I!
  6. My morning walk with Aiden on Saturday along the beach, which was great quality time to wonder, chat, and love on him.
  7. Wow. My wife is beautiful.
  8. When this happened:
  9. A family photo on Friday night.  Cute, wet, and wind blown!!
  10. Aiden, Ryan, and I having fun with the whale blowhole at the aquarium.  Ryan laughed so hard every time it blew!

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