Morning by Morning (4/5/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Hang out time with Jacob Schapson, a fantastic guy who I think is always very introspective, intentional, and dedicated in every task and situation he’s in.
  2. Watching kids ride the train.  Every morning it seems there is one kid on the train, a toddler or young school age kid.  And they love the train so much, whether through their giant smiles, their fascination with the passing sights, and their jovial sounds that narrate the trip. I love listening to it all!
  3. Virgil Fry’s sermon that reminded me that in John 11, we have (and need) both the God who resurrects the dead and the God who weeps with/for us.  It is humbling to consider that and have that framework when I serve our families in the hospital.