Morning by Morning (4/27/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Life with Ryan (I turned around and he was already in the drivers seat with a seatbelt on…and in the second pic he is “fixing” his 4 wheeler!)
  2. A day of calm before the storm of this weekends Youth Retreat!
  3. A glass of Bourbon to de-stress a long long week.

Morning by Morning (4/25/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. My youth retreat co planner, Mikey, who is really awesome in planning, thinking through the details and big picture, and in her care of the kids.
  2. The person(s) who left in the PICU for me a gift a cute little stuffed bunny that repeats the “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” prayer when pressed.  What a sweet gift and a wonderful emd of the day surprise that means so much to me!!! Thank you for the little blessing!
  3. The reality that they have grown from being so little!

Morning by Morning (4/24/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Getting to get up before the rest of my family in the mornings for a little quiet time, even if for 5 minutes.
  2. The discharge of 3 of my favorite children this past week, meaning they are doing very well post bone marrow transplants or falling in the pool or rare but critical illnesses. This has brought me such joy this week.
  3. A Dynamo win!!! (Love the season tickets)
  4. Ryan’s friendliness with a frog.  It was proud for me to see Ryan be all boy in getting his hands on this frog and pursue his curiosity.

Morning by Morning (4/21/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The continued friendships from distance that I share with Cambry, Tim, Adam, and Jon and many others. These friendships are sustaining even when far away.
  2. The beach.  It is my favorite place and the most calming place I know.
  3. David, our next door neighbor, who is a handyman, comedian, and all around good guy who goes out of his way to bond with my kids.  He’s also a crawfish boil extraordinaire and unfortunately a Cowboys fan, but I love having him as a neighbor.  He’s got the old fashioned care for looking out for the neighborhood, helping anywhere he can, and a zest for life.
  4. The Child Life Specialists I work with at the hospital, including Ashley, Alexis, Alyssa, Nicole, Regina, et al.

Morning by Morning (4/20/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Our church dinner group, which I can always count for a calming night anf good laughs and good food too.
  2. The patience others have for me, especially during this long ‘tired’ phase in life (because as a parent the energy goes elsewhere!).  My friends and colleagues are quite gracious to me in letting me have my laid back or quiet times.
  3. The game Hide and Seek.  It’s sort of the in thing at our house these days!
  4. Uninterrupted sleep.
  5. Working with so many generations and ages at work and at church.  It is a reminder of how much I have to learn and how much others know. Now other words, they are gifts from God in growing me as a person and minister.

Morning by Morning (4/19/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Our 6 vegetables and herbs that are growing their way to success (so far) in our back yard.  This has been a first attempt at gardening and the plants are looking pretty good so far, and I’m proud to be caring well for them so far.
  2. Getting to be silly with Ryan! 
  3. The feeling of sunlight after a rainy day or morning, which to me brings so much promise and calm!
  4. The hospitals openness to me growing leadership skills and develop my skill set further as I become a better chaplain.

Easter At Corpus!

Summing up our Easter at Corpus Christi…well, it was a great weekend.  With a great couple, time at the beach and pool with Aiden and Ryan, and time with my amazingly beautiful and hot wife.  My top 10 moments in no particular order:

  1. Easter sunrise at the beach!
  2. Ryan acting like a sea gull and trying to beat the birds to his literally beached fruit loops!
  3. Family and friends at Easter in Corpus Christi!
  4. A great mahi mahi dinner at Snoopys Pier food shack in Corpus.  Good food, even better view!
  5. The dolphin show at the Texas State Aquarium that fully drenched Ryan and I!
  6. My morning walk with Aiden on Saturday along the beach, which was great quality time to wonder, chat, and love on him.
  7. Wow. My wife is beautiful.
  8. When this happened:
  9. A family photo on Friday night.  Cute, wet, and wind blown!!
  10. Aiden, Ryan, and I having fun with the whale blowhole at the aquarium.  Ryan laughed so hard every time it blew!

Morning by Morning (4/13/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. My boss, Norma, who I think is very fair and generous and who also works hard both learning chaplain work and supporting it. I appreciate her kindness to me.
  2. The beach that is calling my name this weekend! Beautiful waters of Corpus Christi!
  3. The Easter celebrations and the way that the grandparents have spared no joys in surrounding our kids with Easter eggs, candy, toys, new books, and even new clothes. We are blessed with great grandparents.
  4. One of the greatest hymns ever, In Christ Alone, which always brings me goose bumps and draws me right to the presence of God.

Morning by Morning (4/12/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Making pancakes for the night shift in the PICU this morning. Love my Picu peeps, even when I have to get up pretty early- for a non morning person!
  2. Playing hide and seek with Ryan. He even counted and said in his unique way “Ready or not, here I come!” It makes me proud because I am very intentional about his numbers and counting and encouraging his talking.
  3. My nephew Will getting baptized tonight!​ As an uncle I’m thrilled, as a parent myself I’m touched Ginny brother baptizing him, and I’m humbled the beginning of lifelong journey…​

Morning by Morning (4/11/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. A coming 3 day weekend. Yep, already tired from a good week. I love having a job that leaves me exhausted but fulfilled and a family who also leaves me exhausted but fulfilled.
  2. Kids comfortable talking to me at the hospital. It kinda makes my day.
  3. The Matthew Holy Week reading of Chapter 26-27 that we had for our service.  I love long readings of Scripture and I loved hearing that psssage to begin our Holy Week. It was also accentuated by a beautiful singing of Amazing Grace.
  4. Lunch with hospital folk which is quite relaxing.