Morning by Morning (3/31/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Kim Najito and her tireless love of her husband and daughter as well as the many families who walk through the PICU. Her great efforts and conscientiousness are amazing and very respected.  I treasure working with her!
  2. Finally getting a haircut.  I had to leave work a tad early so I could try to get to Sports Clips before they closed! It feels so nice to not have to wonder about how my hair is out of control!
  3. The collegiality I have with Tom and Pam and Naguib at work.  There is a compassion and willingness to step up for the other constantly, and often I am so grateful that I know I can get help or even share what’s going on in my life and units. Great chaplains indeed!
  4. Gods gift of grace.  I don’t know how many times I slip up or keep doing life in a way that is not helpful, but I can trust in a welcoming God as I return each time.