Morning by Morning (3/13/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Clint and Linli Boyd and their precious boy Luke.  I appreciated our conversation over dinner and hang out time tonight.
  2. Ryan’s love of dogs.  It doesn’t matter what dog you have or what they do, Ryan finds a way to love in them, wrestle them, and just plain finds smiles because of them.
  3. Getting new dress shoes tonight. I work a lot on my feet and do a lot of moving and bending and dancing (see #4) and walking and so having cheap but comfortable shoes to wear at work are a real satisfaction.
  4. Having the 4 year old Down syndrome kid who has leukemia grab my hand and walk me to a wide open floor and ask me to dance (run wild, flail arms, jump, etc) with her. What a joy and a gift to dance with L!!!