My Sacred Pause

I dearly appreciate my life right now.

I have a beautiful wife who works really hard to support her family, for whom I have the challenge of showing Gods love daily.  I have two great kids, both of whom are so different in the way they bring me joy and for whom I get to be reflection of a faithful and joyful father.

I attend a church that is dedicated to a humble mission in serving God, full of friendship, and who nurture my call and hold me dearly.

I have season tickets to the Houston Dynamo and play disc golf regularly, all of which I get do surrounded by good friends.

I work at a nationally known pediatric hospital, where I get to walk into tough places and reflect Gods enduring love to parents and kids. I am surrounded by a great network of pediatric chaplains.

I have positive relationships with my family and cherish my parents and brothers.  I get to be Californian and Texan.

These are great things. I am not a millionaire but there is little I need at this point.  It’s beautiful.

I strive a lot.  I strive through self improvement projects, constant self reflection, skill development at work, better communication in marriage, constantly cleaning, high expectations in sports…all striving.  Striving is good right…and it is if the goal is not earning or proving but loving out the call.

But at some point, I just have to stop during the pursuit of happiness and take it all in…and be contented and happy.  Tonight as I sit with Ryan sleeping at my side, Elana and Aiden at a baseball tourney out of town doing what they love, and a Sunday Sabbath time of relaxation coming…I am going to take it all in and be contented and see Gods grace in it all. Praise be to God.