Morning by Morning (3/11/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Having great in laws.  I have two brothers in law plus a great mother and father in law, and they are good good people.
  2. Tasting a cold soda after a long day.
  3. All the little things that a cell phone provides.  My phone was cracked yesterday and in the process of getting a new one went 4 hours without a phone.  I wasn’t able to make plans, distract myself from boredom, learn new things, pay bills, keep up with friends, or entertain my son with it.  I appreciate what it allows me to do!
  4. The time with my son Ryan that having no phone allowed.  I was able to give almost three hours dedicated without phone interruption and I was able to be silly with him and treasure his trusting clutch of his father as he fell asleep on me.