Morning by Morning (1/24/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Ryan’s growing ability to use an adults spoon.  He’s getting quite coordinated with his hands and it’s just cute watching him do a decent job of getting yogurt and oatmeal to his mouth!
  2. The upcoming Dynamo season. I’m looking forward to attending most if not all of the games with Josh Day and inundating myself with soccer!
  3. The many women, men and children who marched this past weekend.  Everyone has different reasons, but all of them represent a message of standing up for those who are in the minority and unprotected like those of us who are white, male, and well off.  It is a needed message.
  4. All the people who work with and care for the poor, immigrant, sick, and vulnerable.  In a country that is pursuing out of our fear “America First” or making sure “we” don’t lose our money or jobs or status,  the people who spend their lives in deep service to these others are Gods hands and feet.  There is always complexity and nuance I know, but there are deep hearted people who still go into those places of deep need.

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