A Short Set of Resolutions

A new year is just another of many ways to be more intentional in drawing close to God and becoming the people we are called to be.  I’m never against New Years resolutions or Lenten fasts or the like, simply because we have to learn to make space.  We should think about Jesus birth all the time, but we celebrate Christmas and Advent to be intentional.  We should always be focused on the death and resurrection of Christ,  but we celebrate Lent and Easter to help us focus.  Thus, this opportunity of New Years resolutions to give us a chance to be thoughtful.  Failure is okay, human, and part of life as we know in other seasons.  

So, a couple of fun resolutions and some serious ones.

  1. Cook through one cookbook through the year.  I’ve chosen the simple Cook This Not That set of 2 cookbooks.  It also connects with my desire to make one new recipe a week, and helps me remember my joy in cooking.
  2. Snack less on sugar.  I may not be able to drop it altogether but I have to do a better job!
  3. Stop moaning and groaning about Ryan and his sleep.  I love my rest, but so does he.  Life is challenging, but I have a great wife who helps me take care of Ryan and I must learn not to be so self centered.
  4. Develop my personal prayer life more.

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