Morning by Morning (9/15/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The tears that come when we grieve.  I have seen a lot of tears in the past month in the PICU and I trust that God sees each tear and compassionately carries that grief. Those tears are almost entirely about the love of a little boy or girl, and that’s what moves me as I see them.
  2. DeAndre Gibbs, a youth at our church that I feel very close to and for whom I am always grateful because of his honest and simple approach to life.
  3. Personality tests, like Keirsey or Myers Briggs or Berkman.  I love seeing the fun pictures that emerge that mostly describe us, and how each person finds themselves well described but unique in how they differ in small ways from their profiles. Last night, I took the Myers Briggs 5 times and ended up 3 times an ESFJ abd 2 times an ESFP.  And of course Elana thinks the description of an ISFJ is definitely me. Love it!

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