Measuring Up

Every father ought to have the experience  of seeing their child try to be like them.  To be imitated, reflected, mirror imaged in one way or another.  It’s a great feeling really.  But it’s not always good. Often, our culture decries the way we become our fathers in terrible ways like distant or abusive, and in other ways our celebrates when someone is like their father honoring their reputation for thriftiness or their responsibility.

But you know what? Why does it have to be a spectacular example? Why do we have celebrate greatness alone?  I feel like we need to look elsewhere at times, or more specifically, to pay attention to the little things.  

There are so many little opportunities to see your child imitate you. A bucket list item I never knew I had: watch my son try to wear my shoes! 

I think it’s completely silly and hilarious.  But in a funny yet deeply moving way Ryan is just trying be like Daddy. Put on the shoes, stumble around laughing like a fool…but being like Daddy. Maybe he is trying to get dressed like daddy for work, or just thinks it’s funny to look like me. So many of us do it just like Ryan, walking all over the house in mommy’s heels or daddy’s boots. When he puts on the shoes he recognizes they are so much bigger, that there’s just something about life that he cannot grasp but Daddy does.  It’s an act of comical love that allows me to see that my son loves me and just wants to be like Daddy. And every dad should get that chance to see their child trying to fill their shoes and be like them.  Super special!


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