Morning by Morning (8/6/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Playing outside this morning.  I needed to play disc golf, but I needed more to be outside.  This week has required a lot of indoor activities at work and with Ryan, so being in the sun and being active was necessary.
  2. Spending time with our church minister at disc golf.  I appreciate my time with Sarge and the way he goes out of his way to care. I hope we get to hang out more like this!
  3. A mowed yard.  I love it and love seeing mine well kept. It’s a reflection of being kids who played in yards in SoCal that were green and cared for (not necessarily manicured) so that we always loved playing in those yards.
  4. My mom coming to town tomorrow. Calmly excited to welcome her to a good week with this part of our family!

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