Morning by Morning (6/21/16)

So, I waited on my daily gratitude for my visit to the Copa America semi final tonight between the US and Argentina.  For good reason.

  1. A wife who watched the kids so I could go.  Thank you so much Elana for the pass and the encouragement.
  2. A friend, Josh Day, who was willing to share his tickets with me and listened to me ask tons of questions about soccer, strategy, and trivia. In fact, he made the already amazing soccer atmosphere a phenomenal experience, especially with the way he “coached the refs” and shared his wisdom of handballs with them!
  3. Lionel Messi.  That free kick was just amazing (the best among the limited  I’ve seen), plus the numerous gifted passes, assists, and ball control he brought. Every time he touched the ball, the stadium stood in eager anticipation and were rarely disappointed.  That kind of feeling in a stadium experience is just awesome! Greatness watched!
  4. The opportunity to even go.  It’s not lost on me that I got to enjoy this.

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