Morning by Morning (6/15/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. A little young toddler at the hospital who is spending most of his life in an ICU and most of his life without family present.  I love every time I get to come to his bedside, play with him, laugh and be silly with him, and read books and help his hands turn the pages.  I am so grateful for him because he brings me joy to connect with him, to be the calming affirming presence of God that a parent would normally share in.  He is precious and I am glad God has called me to be in his life even for just small moments.
  2. Good friends at good birthday parties! (Read Josh and Andrea Day, Mikey Weesner, Belinda Guerra, Elana Denham, and my boy Ryan Denham)
  3. Prosecco. Seriously. Seriously good wine!
  4. My brother Joe and his life going well at the moment.
  5. My nephews and niece! Love them!