Mothers Day Special Edition (5/8/16) 

My Mothers Day guest blogger today, my wife and all around great mom, Elana.  Here is her blog thoughts:

“You’re a good mom”. What does that even mean? It’s the question that’s been on my mind this weekend. What does being a “good mom” entail? Does it mean I make lunches, comb hair, and put away laundry? Because I don’t, not really anyway. Does it mean I remember baseball games and schedule doctors appointments? Maybe – except it probably just means I’m a good secretary. Does it mean I love them? I do, although so do others, so I don’t find it exclusive to motherhood.

Does it matter what constitutes “good mom”? Probably not. To me it basically means “you’re a good human being” which is not a bad thing to hear. Nature and biology worked on me as it does for most moms – no big mystery. My kiddos imprinted on me and I protect and provide for them and give them affection. 

So – what makes motherhood special? What makes me “good”? I’m not sure I’ll have the answers anytime soon. For now I will just focus on loving my boys and perhaps when they’re older they’ll give me all the answers – I hear teenagers are great at that!”

Elana Denham

Thanks Elana, and happy mom’s day to you!