Morning by Morning (5/4/16)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Laughing with friends, and laughing especially with colleagues who “get it.”
  2. For the sensitive nature of Aiden, my stepson.  Today I got the opportunity gloat about his compassion and genuineness as he comes into contact with the emotional events he hears about the hospital.  In many cases, he asks about the children at the hospital and wants to know how they are doing, and further understands the need I have for self care.  One time, with a young child who loved baseball but who was also dying, Aiden brought a baseball to me to offer a gift to that child to give them some happiness! I am humbly moved by his compassion.
  3. Getting to talk about my kids with other parents, and having the opportunity to hear about other kids and other parents experiences!
  4. Hiking Mummy Mountain with good colleagues this morning, including my new found Aussie friends from Adelaide!