Morning by Morning (3/14)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. My short afternoon with the teens at SWC yesterday.  I enjoyed the time I had with Keyshon, Taylor, DeAndre, King, and Mikey (Aiden also joined us).  They are energy giving and just really funny!
  2. Josh Day- I really just feel uplifted and encouraged when I am with him, and feel at ease around him.  I appreciate that friendship! (Plus, it keeps me calm when I am losing to him at disc golf!)
  3. Richard Hughes, a professor at Pepperdine who was my informal mentor in many ways, but was certainly a spiritual mentor as I learned about thinking broader than simple personal spirituality.  Pacifism, kingdom oriented, calls to the neighbor sort of spirituality.

One thought on “Morning by Morning (3/14)

  1. I share your gratitudes, most recently about Richard Hughes as Caleb leads our class through Hughes’ books, “Myths America Lives By” and “Christian America and the Kingdom of God”. We are blessed to have you among us showing the broader Kingdom of God life.

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