Morning by Morning (3/7)

My daily gratitude for:

Just one item today.  The singing of In Christ Alone at the end of church yesterday was just rousing and moving and convicting all in one.  It is my favorite song/hymn to begin with.  But the way that Nikki led it, the way the church leaned in, the way the words played on my heart that morning- it was just so moving.  

I love the words of hymns and worship music as much as the tunes themselves, but In Christ Alone may take the cake.  Phrases like “here in the death of Christ I stand,” “light of the world by darkness slain,” and “from life’s first cry to final breath,” the images pour forth and play on the heart.  Christ, Christ, Christ.  Lent is normally a season of calling us back to full dependence on the Savior, and calling us to relinquish everything for the sake of life with God.  In Christ Alone gives flesh to that for me and is a song that lightens the path ahead without denying the sacrifice of that journey.

But where the song gets me is in the third verse, where Jesus body lay in the ground and then there is this mood change both spiritually and vocally.  “Then bursting forth in glorious day, up from the grave he rose again, and as he stands for victory, sins curse has lost its grip on me!” Amen I say. Yesterday I was a little teary singing it.  Faith weakens, dampens, flattens out, whatever the image.  But the words, the heart strings of this song, inspired me just the little and more I needed yesterday. Praise God for the words he provides us and the voice of our congregation and its worship leaders (now male and female!) who become conduits of that grace.


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