Morning by Morning (3/1)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. A weekend with deeply loving parents and deeply loving kids who have lost a cherished brother and son.  The Retreat of Renewal is a bereavement camp and a very challenging, yet rewarding time.  I am a better parent, my heart is more open, and my mind opened in new ways to the way grief wreaks havoc and also calls out one of the most important acts of life: loving by rememembering.
  2. Sister Maria Caisido, the new PICU intern chaplain that I will get to work with.  I am very blessed by her energy and simplicity and faith.  And she will be a great blessing to those families!
  3. Karen Mask-Morales, a RN I worked a great deal with at the beginning of my time at TCH and is a great mentor and friend.  I love her heart for families, kids, and her own family!
  4. Time to play football with Aiden at the park yesterday.  I enjoy my time with him!

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