Day by Day (2/11)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Getting out to Milby Park for dis golf with Josh over the last month.  It’s been great and reenergizing to be outside in good weather and also to have fun with others while doing it. 
  2. The baby girl of Josh and Jacqui.  I can’t wait for us to actually have a little girl in the family.  My parents will make great grandparents to a girl! We can’t wait for her to arrive.
  3. Encouragement cards at church- this has been one of my goals as part of my Christ-like project/adventure.  I have been blessed by the comments and gratitude people have for little encouragement and blessings.  But I have also been humbled to look at our church and see the needs and pains and do something.  It has helped me hear and see what is going on at church, and also to pay attention to those who can’t make it like shut ins and those who are sick.  Thank God for opening my eyes a little and helping me see better those around me.

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