Morning by Morning (1/29)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. The grandfather who I helped yesterday.  Losing his granddaughter and feeling unable to really voice his emotions, the prayer and christening opened the floodgates of tears.  I could see his love for his family and for his baby girl.  He showed leadership and vulnerability, openness and decision making, calm and compassion.  I am very impressed and moved by him, and I am grateful to have walked alongside of him for just a short part of his journey.
  2. The flexibility of my work! I snoozed twice (highly unusual) and woke up way late. I thought I’d be in way late but 20 min ain’t bad, and with a workplace that understands and allows for it- whew! It really takes a lot of stress off (especially for a job that is inherently stressful!).
  3. Elana spending time with her friends.  I’m grateful she has a best friend and other friends who can surround her and encourage her and bring her laughs and a good break.

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