Morning by Morning (1/26)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. My three dogs.  I appreciate Bailey, Twix, and Hot Fudge Sundae as calming and loving.  They drive me nuts often but I love having them at home and having dogs who are so comfortable with kids who climb all over them! I appreciate how loving, sweet, and gentle they are towards my kids, and fir cleaning up the food that Ryan leaves around the house!
  2. The Houston Pediatric chaplain lunch today, where the small amount of colleagues in pediatric ministry will come around to share joy and fellowship.
  3. The ministry of my church which is always unique, sometimes with great flaws, but always seeking to be faithful.
  4. The coming schedule change where I will go in later. I did it yesterday and loved it, but for the rest of the week I am back at the early grind.  Boo! But yay for anticipating a good change!

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