Morning by Morning (1/18)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. A good night of rest.  By the time of nearing the end of my Sunday at 8:30, I felt exhausted, almost asleep, and just done. So an early bedtime was needed and Ryan slept well, so I got to have a good sleep that I probably haven’t had in a while.
  2. Xander Darroh, a little boy at church who was baptized after my sermon yesterday.  It was already planned so it wasn’t my sermon, but it made for a beautiful way to end the service and celebrate Gods ever growing kingdom.  He’s a great kid and is quite funny, so of course when asked about his experience just up out of the water- “it’s cold.” Love it!
  3. Second third fourth…and on chances.  I often hate wasted opportunities, and there are some places in my life where I have missed too much and continuing to not take advantage of the moments and opportunities I have. So I humbly appreciate that there are more chances.

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