Morning by Morning (1/15)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. The prepare and enrich premarital counseling materials that Elana and I worked through.  It produced a lot of fruit for us and as I am beginning to work with another couple that I am officiating for, I look back in gratitude for the help and guidance it and Steve Sandifer provided.
  2. Feeling a little bit better this morning after a little stomach bug made yesterday exhausting, long, and an early exit from work.
  3. The feeling that I get when Ryan smiles at me as though his full being is happy.  Amazing feeling.
  4. Aiden, whom I am missing this week and who is also sick. But I love him and miss his smiles too!
  5. Elana going out shopping late after a movie last night so we could have wipes, diapers and dog food- that heavenly triumvirate that we ran out of all the sane time. Thank you wife!

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