Morning by Morning (1/11)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. Our Care Group at church, which includes the Powells, Stephen and Dawn Lucas, Sherry Lucas, Denhams, Belinda Guerra, the Tuckers, Ginny Hanning, Martha Haun, and other visitors.  It is a good group of people who are consistently encouraging and can truly challenge me. They are also people who are compassionate  towards me and so welcoming to Aiden and Ryan and I am always grateful for them.
  2. Adam Jacobs, a good friend who celebrated his birthday this past weekend.  Good musician, better friend.  I love watching him grow into his marriage and his life and I humbly try to learn from the way he cherishes his wife, the way he thrives in his own skin, the way he uses humor to keep himself and others afloat in life, and the way he has stewarded his own resources to provide for his family and dream into the future.
  3. Another day.  Life is fickle, fragile, and precious.  Blessed to wake up and have another day!

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