Morning by Morning (1/1)

 My morning gratitude for:

  1. Another year to experience.  Each and every day are a gift as a parent in the hospital shared with me yesterday.  So in that vein, another morning of blessing!
  2. Still can’t get over being with Ryan in the morning, having him relax on me as he wakes up slowly, laying his head on my shoulder as I turn on some some soothing Christian reflection music to start our morning, and pulling out his box of toys and seeing him smile.  Great way to start a day!
  3. A haircut soon. Man I look rough these days and I hate using gel to get my Brillo pad ish hair to behave!
  4. Tim Parker and his family! Miss you guys and miss having your humor and encouragement around.
  5. The gift of a program at the hospital called No Crib For A Bed, where we give donated pack n plays to families who need them. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to provide the pack n play and baby blanket, but also how special it feels to receive donations and see the faces of compassion that are donating.

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