Morning by Morning (12/19)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. Christmas time
  2. Christmas time 
  3. Christmas time
  4. Yes, Christmas time.
  5. I am up early this Saturday morning because the excitement and anxiety are already flowing for our California trip for Christmas week.
  6. Family, like Uncle Mike and Aunt Linda, Uncle Fred and Aunt Shelley, Uncle Jim (my dads twin by the way!), Lewis and Marion (in laws)
  7. Cousins Amanda, Brittany, DJ, Chris and Marianne 
  8. Brothers (and sister in law) Josh and Jacqui, Joe, and of course my parents!
  9. Christmas Eve family gathering.  No matter how chaotic I really appreciate the time to be around everyone, and the last couple years it has been more special as the last night with family!
  10. Hanging out with my brothers.  I love them so much and miss being so far from both of them.
  11. Joe getting to be uncle to Aiden and Ryan but also even meeting Ryan and Ryan growing to love him like I know he will.
  12. Opportunities to see Cambry and Heather, Adam and Carrie, and Jon and Allison.  Maybe it will happen, maybe not, but those are friends worth getting excited about the possibility of hanging out!
  13. Ah, Christmas time!

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