Morning by Morning (12/12)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. Texas Childrens Hospital, where I work and serve some of the best staff and caring families I know.  It is where I have grown into a better minister, taken leadership, developed a stronger voice, and where I have been able to learn deep things about myself and how to do better.  And it’s a pleasure to do it with kids.
  2. Killens Steakhouse.  Seriously, best steak in Houston and as good as anywhere else you can find.  Tonight Elana and I are taking my in laws to dinner at Killens and I am looking forward to it…for the fellowship of course! 😉
  3. A quiet morning! I got to sleep in a little and now I am sitting on the couch enjoying a quiet start with Elana and Ryan sleeping (maybe 5-10 more minutes?).  But it is nice after a stressful week at the hospital to relax and get the weekend started.  
  4. The movie “13 Warriors.”  Elana and I watched it last night, and it is both older and traditional Japanese in that the fight scenes are played down and the bulk of the scenes given to conversations about honor and deference towards authority.  But don’t watch it if you don’t do subtitles- you will need them in this movie!

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