Morning by Morning (12/4)

MOM EDITION!! Happy Birthday Mom!

My morning gratitude for:

  1. My mom’s compassion for elderly people and serving them through so many ways.  She is constantly serving the elderly, ad it all started when she worked many years at the Janet Goeske Senior Center, where she organized and led Bingo, breakfasts, programs, special events, bus trips to San Diego or Laughlin, and helped advocate for them and their unique needs. She still works with seniors taking the home bound on errands or activities and just having fun with them.  She has a servant heart and serves tirelessly and with deep love…and I learned that from her and I will always be humbly appreciative and amazed at her service.
  2. My mom’s love of Christmas and Christmas decorations.  Oh she loves Christmas.  She loves the family gathering, top priority of course.  But she digs the decorations.  The fragile Christmas village that goes on a mantle, yard figures that light and move, garland in spades, a mommy kissing Santa doll set, and lots of Christmas lights and ornaments for the beautiful Christmas tree.  We did t always do a lot of gifts but we still enjoyed Christmas through this passion.  Thanks Mom for the excitement I still have for Christmas!
  3. Mom’s love for driving anywhere and walking anywhere.  I am so amazed that my mom and dad love driving and walking so much.  They like to be active and like to drive across town, drive across county, drive across state, even for little experiences.  She loves to “just drive” as its own entertainment.  Same goes with walking.  My parents walk a lot and love building up the steps and seeing the sights even along a boring walk in the neighborhood.
  4. My mom’s enjoyment of finding all the local things to do.  My mom makes s great tourist and she’s not ashamed of it.  (I still remember getting a ticketed by police in Florence, Italy because I didn’t get bus tickets for us and it was two days before I came home from there.  First bus fine for not getting a ticket…two days before going home! But my mom loved the experience anyway!)
  5. My mom’s desire for me and my brothers to be faithful.  She has a strong faith in Christ.
  6. The way my mom talks about, remembers, and still honors her parents, Grandma and Grandpa.
  7. Her love of good sugary snacks and the incredible supply she keeps at her house!
  8. Her love of dogs and the fact she is always willing to take in a dog.
  9. My mom’s willingness to take risks in life to be happy, to smile, or to learn.  In some ways she is quite fearless, and I so appreciate her for it.
  10. My mom’s love for me (and my brothers!!).  Thanks mom, and I love you so much!

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