Morning by Morning (11/13)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. The opportunity to see Elana, Aiden, and Ryan today.  This has been a great week but I am exhausted of planning and ready to be around family.  I look forward to playing with the kids and kissing my girl when I return.
  2. Great collegiality.  I have spent the week with 10 other pediatric chaplains who are a) passionate about pediatric chaplaincy, b) very skilled and wise chaplains, and c) great friends.  These are the people that will pull great leadership, teach me great new skills, help me grow roots in my career, and bring me great energy to do what I do.
  3. Sunshine.  As I sit in the airport I am drawn to the spots where sunshine hits me and bathes me in warmth- I have spent the week feeling cold and not very well (even though it was balanced with good colleagues and planning time) and the sunshine hits the spot.
  4. Houston- I’ll be home soon!

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